John Bottomley

John Bottomley is Director of  Transforming Work, which supports individuals and organisations to engage holistic responses to today’s complex challenges. He brings a humanising pastoral perspective to transforming harmful, unjust and alienating work.
John supports clients enrich their artistic and spiritual imagination to renew workplace cultures


I know what it is like to feel stuck, bored or treated badly at work.  And I know what it takes to change such challenging situations.  When you trust me with your struggle, you have taken the first step to building the foundations for work that is life-giving.  Call me for a free conversation. I will help you find the most direct path to transform your work situation.

My dad died too young from a work-related heart attack.  The good life work promises is a lie.  You know this truth when your work causes you pain and suffering, but the messages you are given are 'get over it', 'don't be weak', 'it's your fault'.  I know this can be a confusing and lonely space, but as I join in solidarity with you, you may find a deeper meaning and joy in your work.  

That's a promise.  

John Bottomley

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I am about transforming mistrust, injustice and abuse in work relations.  Trust is your gift of vulnerability to your workmates.
My commitment is to understand your deeply human dilemmas and be in solidarity as you address workplace harm, anxiety and the loss of ethical boundaries.


I accept unconditionally the pain at the root of your concern.  Because I have learned to listen to the pain of my own life, I feel equipped to be patient with bringing to the surface the root of the problem behind your troubling issue. I will feed back to you the work-related personal, social, and organisational issues I hear emerging.
I will wait with you for the root of the problem to be clear.


Through our exploratory conversations we establish a friendly relationship. You are no longer facing your concerns on your own.
It can be surprising how good that feels.  I expect the strength this gives you will empower your creative and life-giving responses to your personal and work organisation concerns.


When you feel less fragmented, you start to see your work is more integrated with a new spirit and purpose.  As a new spirit and vision emerges for you,
I will suggest
some simple techniques from our wide experience of transforming work to support you on the way to your new future.
What I help you to do always follows who you desire to be.



A one-to-one conversation may facilitate your transformation of any separation in your public performance from your personal beliefs.  You learn to integrate your professional practice with spiritual wisdom to form a holistic way of being human. 


I grew up with some unhealed wounds from life and work that caused unhealthy reactions when I felt stuck in tough times.
I was surprised by the help I got from others who had similar experiences.  This is often called peer to peer support.  I help people to develop peer support at work and experience its healing.  Peer support is a great contribution to building fruitful and just relationships at work.


Our multi-disciplinary social research can help you learn about beliefs and structures, opportunities and barriers to transformed and transforming work relations.  I focus on ensuring people are kept safe, while the hard questions are explored.


I believe good governance is about trusting and truthful relationships, rather than compliance, fear and ticking the box.  So the transformation to good governance begins with board members taking personal responsibility for past harm to staff and clients.
My experience in the field of restorative justice guides my approach.


The great irony about the current emphasis on improving work 'culture' is the frequency with which those implementing the 'new' culture adopt the same top-down hierarchy which has been the source of harm.  I suggest integrating the transformative principles in professional supervision, peer support, social research and good governance is critical to transforming culture. 



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